Why Drug Store Makeup Is NOT The Way To Go.

It's a couple of weeks away from your big performance. You're nervous because, for weeks, you have dedicated all of your time to practicing the routine and perfecting every last second of it. Although your nerves are not strong enough to override the excitement that you feel for the fact you FINALLY get the chance to show off your hard work doing what you love on stage!

However, before you get to indulge yourself in all of the emotions leading up to the performance, you must prepare! Now, this can be daunting as you probably wish that you could skip right past the not-so-fun stuff and jump right into the fun-filled part of the process. Don't we all!? But, unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Preparation is essential in ensuring you are 100% ready to rock that stage and really WOW the crowd!

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I won't bore you by going into detail about all the logistics of performance preparation. Although, I will be going into detail about one thing in particular. I bet you already have a pretty good guess of what this detail is. Well, assuming you guessed correctly, you hit the nail right on the head! We are about to talk all-things performance makeup preparation! Oh, yeah.

Pretty Girl Cosmetics is the one-stop shop for all of your cheer and dance makeup needs. No more running around town, wasting your time trying to find good quality makeup that won't blow a hole in your budget! We have everything you need in one place. Even better...you and your team can customize your makeup kit to color-coordinate perfectly with your team's colors!

Drug store makeup is not worth the headache of searching endlessly and spending a fortune on individual products and risking everyone purchasing a different shade of products.  A consistent makeup look will win your team those style points.  Your customers will love that they can order their team makeup with a few clicks and then it's delivered right to their door.  No running around town trying to find all the products on the list.

The great news is, that Pretty Girl Cosmetics' Custom Team Makeup Kits start at just $30, which includes a 3-Pan Palette plus three additional items with a FREE makeup bag and brush! That's six different makeup products and accessories for half the cost. Sweet, right!?

We have more great news...you can request Free Makeup Samples by clicking these links, Request Cheer Makeup or Request Dance Makeup ...but first browse our website to choose your favorite products. 

It's a no-brainer, really. You save yourself from the stress of shopping at a million different places, hurrying to get all the essential makeup products and accessories.  Makeup shopping can be done with just one quick shopping trip ONLINE. Let us put your team kit on our website....no collecting money and not costly bulk orders.  Just share your link with your customers to order their makeup online!  It doesn't get much better than that. Now, you can focus on what's important and that's getting first place in your competition! 

Click HERE to view all the teams who made their lives easy by using our online services! ♥︎

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