Our Story

Pretty Girl Cosmetics, a premier cheer makeup and dance makeup brand developed by a Cheer Mom specifically for her daughters stage performance. Pretty Girl Cosmetics offers performance cosmetics for many organization across the country.  Customer rave about the great value and a simple, high-quality solution for team makeup kits. With a range of stage makeup as well as our Patented ColorOn Instant PressOn Eye Shadows, Pretty Girl Cosmetics can ensure that drill teams, irish dancers, cheer teams and dance studios have uniformity in their makeup application, using vivid eye shimmer colors which are entirely free from harmful ingredients and 100% pure mineral makeup.


We love what we do and it shows.  Having served cheer teams and dance studios for over 10 years, we know what our customers want.  We have reinvented ourselves to meet the changing needs of the industry and our customers.


There is nothing worse than paying for a service or product and it not showing up on time.  Pretty Girl Cosmetics is known for its great customer service and no non-sense easy ordering.  We keep you informed of your order every step of the way!


Having affordable pricing makes our customers happy and parents happy too.  Customizing your makeup kit to meet your budget is important in these times where the cost of children’s recreational activities is so costly.  We have many options to meet any budget!


Our one stop shop provides all the products your team needs for a consistent sweat proof makeup application.  Makeup comes in many levels of quality like many consumer goods.  Our manufacturing capabilities help us provide the highest quality and the lowest costs so we can pass these saving on to our customers.

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