How-To Prepare for a Dance Audition

Auditions can be pretty intimidating, and if you are a dancer, I'm sure you can relate to this statement. There is always a seemingly long list of things you need to get and stuff you have to do before audition time. The many errands and money spent on preparation are never really the cause of a dancer's crazy nerves. We can all agree that making sure you've perfected your dance routine come audition time is the cause of most stress pre-audition. Nevertheless, whatever it is causing the chaos in your mind, remember to take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time. We are here to help!

Now, let's ease some of that worry you may be having and start checking boxes off of your to-do list. Read on to be guided through the tedious (but very important) prep steps that ensure you are fully ready for your big day! Yes, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, but that is okay! By the end of this blog post, you will be able to brush off any pre-audition stressor that comes your way, remaining confident in the fact you'll be all set and ready to go for audition day. Dancers

Let's get started, shall we? 


Before you do anything, make sure you have reviewed your audition application thoroughly and jot down any audition rules and regulations. Find out if you need to submit a headshot along with your resume or if you'll need to bring physical copies of your resume/headshot with you. Look for any information that will help you prepare your dance routine. Is the choreographer named? Are there past videos of performances? Do these videos provide any insight on the dance style or movements used? Research who you'll be performing for at the audition. I know this may seem like a lot of extra work, but trust me, it makes such a big difference in the grand scheme of things. 

In doing the research and learning more about the audition, prepare for the interview. You want to make sure you are confident and ace the interview, so study your stuff! Be sure to know the basics because there is no such thing as being TOO prepared. Learning more than you think they will ask is alright! You never know when that information will come in handy in the future. Lastly, do mock interviews with a friend or a parent and have them provide you with feedback. Doing a mock interview over and over can only benefit you more come the actual interview. 

So, now that you have done the research and have a better idea of the audition in general, it is time to start PLANNING. 


It is a MUST to plan far in advance for everything you will need and everything you will be doing. That means you need to decide on a hairstyle, a dance makeup look, and wardrobe. Of course, the dance routine you choose to do is on the list of mind-boggling decisions you need to make, but we'll help you a little bit later with that. First, grab yourself a calendar and start marking down important dates related to the audition and write down reminders of practice time, what to concentrate on certain days of the week, so on and so forth. Creating a calendar will help you immensely, not only to make sure you don't miss anything but to help keep your mind organized and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. 


After you've developed a visual plan, it is time to reflect. You want to be sure to feel like your most confident self come audition day, so we recommend taking the time to do some self-evaluation. Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Be honest with yourself because this is an essential part of audition preparation. Having the ability to assess your weaknesses and put a greater focus on these aspects of yourself will prove to be effective in your overall practice time and performance. 


Next up is appearance preparation. Never wait until the last minute to plan this aspect of an audition because it will only end in you ripping your hair out with frustration. So, believe me when I say PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, especially since your hair is an essential aspect of your overall dance performance. If you haven't researched who you'll be auditioning for, then now is the time to do so! It will make planning your appearance so much easier. To narrow down what you should do with your hair and makeup and what you should wear, consider the dance style of the audition. Base your look on the type of dance you'll be performing. 

Once you've determined the best and most appropriate hair and dance makeup look as well as the most suitable outfit for the audition, make a list of all the things you need, breaking the list into categories–hair, makeup, wardrobe. Making a list allows you to locate where you can buy the products before leaving your house, so your shopping trips are more productive. Always shop smarter, not harder! 

As for Dance Makeup, shop at Pretty Girl Cosmetics! Pretty Girl Cosmetics has affordable, quality makeup all in one place. To ensure you feel confident and are in love with the products prior to purchasing, you can request FREE Makeup Samples of any individual product(s). Also, you have the option to customize your very own makeup kit, so it is that much easier to create the perfect makeup look for your audition! HAVE FUN shopping for your audition.


Practice, practice, PRACTICE! Make a schedule of the days and times to practice. Make sure you set aside time for things other than your routine like fitness, stretching, and even classes if you choose to take any. Plan your days accordingly. For example, if you do a full-body workout one day, don't practice your routine repeatedly the next day. Take care of yourself and do what feels right. It doesn't hurt to push yourself, but don't overdo it either. You know you better than anyone, so trust your gut–if your body is trying to tell you something, listen to it!

Stay on a healthy regime and meal prep for the week. Talk to a specialist if you don't know much about dieting and creating a healthy meal plan. You want to make sure it suits you and your body's needs! 


Getting a good night's sleep seems a bit impossible. You are so close to finally putting all of the time, hard work, dedication, and preparation you've done to the test. But, adding a few steps to your nightly routine can help ease your pre-audition jitters and help you get the beauty rest you need. 

Prep your audition bag the night before and run through it a few times to ensure you have everything. Throw in anything you think will come in handy such as snacks, extra tights, or even a pair of headphones. There is no harm in packing more than you think you will need. It just makes audition day so much more relaxed in knowing that no matter what happens, you have a solution to it. 


All-in-all, there are a million different methods to prepare for a dance audition. We are all unique in how we like to do things, so do what works for you! This blog acts as a general guide in preparing you for your audition, giving you helpful information and advice that you can reference as you go along! 

I hope this blog post helped ease some of your pre-audition stresses, and you now feel more confident that you will be ready for your big day! Also, you’ll be prepared for any future dance recitals, dance performances, or anything dance related! Be sure to download the free PDF printable below that contains everything mentioned here and more! 


CLICK HERE to download the free PDF printable for Dance Audition Prep!


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