How to Grow your Retail Dance Makeup Business

Building a dance makeup business can be daunting. It is a lot different than selling dance costumes or dance shoes, but don't worry! That is okay because we are here to help! We will go over several of the main topics you need to know to successfully launch a dance makeup business. Let's get started!

1. How To Properly Display Dance Makeup Products

The type of displays you will need is dependent on the makeup products you are displaying. In general, makeup displays should allow the customer to easily view and access the products. Keep in mind that customers will be picking up and putting back products, so a display that does not easily clutter is recommended.

There are countless different displays that you can use for your dance makeup products, so we will list a few to give you an idea of what works best. 

Rotating: Rotating displays are great for a majority of makeup products--lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, glitter, shimmer, etc. We recommend automatic rotating displays for show only so no damage is done to the display. These types of displays are very satisfying to watch. Rotating Display Stand

Lip Products: Lip Products are one of our biggest sellers. People love to sample these products, so put a tester out for customers to swatch with. Clearly label the product as a DISPLAY, NOT FOR SALE item. Keep the rest in the original box so people do not open these products. Display items help sell products. Keep your lip products on a display near the register so you can upsell these items. Lip Paint DisplayDance Retail Makeup Display

Cups: Acrylic Cups are great if you are carrying a larger quantity of a single item. For instance, makeup brushes would be perfect for this display. You can place any Dance Makeup item in the cup to display, then place the rest of the stock in the drawer for the customer to purchase.  Acrylic Makeup Cups

Palette Organizer:

Palette organizers are perfect for displaying a variety of different palettes or a single palette. The customer can easily view the palette(s) and take one for purchase.

Makeup Palette Organizer


There are plenty more displays to choose from. If you need help figuring out the best display for your store, reach out to us and we will help you find the best fit for you and your store.

2. How To Sell Dance Makeup Products and Kits

Selling Dance Makeup products is simple! All you need to do is know your customer base, make recommendations, and ask the right questions at the right times. 

When a customer walks into your store, this is the perfect time to get information on the items your customer is shopping for. Is your customer a Dance Mom, Dance Studio Owner, or Dance Teacher? Knowing this information is important so you can determine what makeup items they might need.

If the customer is looking for makeup, point them in the direction of your makeup displays and make recommendations based on what it is they are looking for. Always remember to upsell complementary products.

For instance, if the customer is looking for an eyeshadow palette, recommend eye primer to them and explain why eye primer is a must-have to go with the eyeshadow palette. 

Dance moms typically will not buy an entire dance makeup kit but may need an amazing dark red lip paint that is waterproof and sweatproof. This is the perfect customer to upsell a few products at check out and to inquire if their studio might need makeup kits.  

Dance Studio Owners and Dance Teachers may need costumes, shoes, and makeup kits. This customer is the perfect customer to sell an entire dance makeup kit to. Providing these customers with details on creating a unified makeup look which may be imperative to the overall costume requirements will generally help these customers realize sending their students to the drug store for makeup is not the optimum solution. 

Here are the key points to upsell your Dance Makeup products at checkout:

Checkout is also a perfect time to upsell your makeup products. Make additional recommendations based on the products they are purchasing. If they are purchasing lipstick, recommend a lip gloss to add a glossy finish. If they are purchasing blush, recommend a blush brush to apply the blush with. 

Checkout is also a great time to spark conversation if you haven't already and get to know your dance customer a bit more. Ask questions!

  • Are you a part of a dance team?
  • Do you own a dance studio?
  • Is your studio or team interested in creating a dance makeup kit?

The more information you know, the better equipped you are to upsell your dance makeup products and get more sales!

3. How-To Create Dance Team Makeup Kits for Customers?

Creating a kit is easy, but take into consideration the profit margin of the kits you create. If you choose to create custom kits, consider what makeup products you want to include in the kits.

We recommend our Stage Fit Palettes which include 6 eyeshadows, blush, eye primer, eyeliner, mascara, and your choice of lip paint or lip gloss and are ready for your customers to grab and go.

If your customer needs help creating a custom team makeup kit, contact us and we will provide you with recommendations based on your customer's request.

Please note: We do not pack the kits for wholesale orders. Each product is sold separately. 

4. How-To Easily Order Wholesale Dance Makeup Online

Ordering wholesale dance makeup for your dance retail store has never been easier! All you have to do is complete our wholesale sign-up form. Once approved, we will send you an account invite via email where you are then able to create a username and password. After that, log in to your account and enjoy shopping for our products at wholesale discount pricing!

For more information, click here

If you are the owner of a dance retail store looking for quality wholesale dance makeup, look no further! Pretty Girl Cosmetics is the one-stop online shop for all your wholesale dance makeup and dance accessory needs. Apply for a wholesale account today and get started on building your dance makeup business!

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