5 Secrets to the Perfect Lip Paint Application

The biggest complaint from cheer and dance parents is that their child's lipstick has stained their uniform or costume. Performance apparel is amongst is an expensive investment in the cheer and dance world. There are many types of lip products.  Typically, lipsticks are manufactured with moisturizing ingredients and heavy pigments which feel glossy on the lips, resulting in an easy transfer onto clothing. If you are one of the millions who love lipstick, pigment transfer is a big problem and has been abandoned as a good product to use if you are a cheerleader or dancer.

Many athletes have switched from lipsticks to lip paints and lip stains to eliminate this problem; however, these products do not entirely resolve the issue of color transfer onto the uniform if they are not applied correctly. 

So, it is imperative to know the difference between the two types of lip products and choose which one best suits you! The first of the lip products to discuss is lip paints, which manufacture with ingredients that allow the pigments to dry onto the lips. The second is water-based lip stains which the color is absorbed into the lip, leaving no heavy pigments on the lips. In each circumstance, there are pigments that both products contain, making it almost impossible to eliminate the transfer of color onto clothing or skin without taking some precautionary measures during application.

Now, make sure you carefully read each of our secret steps to ensure your lip paint turns out perfect!

The 5 Secrets to the Perfect Lip Paint Application:

  1. Exfoliate the lips to remove all dryness before the application to achieve a smooth, flawless finish. If lips are left un-exfoliated, the product will not place a stain coat on dry skin, making for an uneven application.
  2. Do not apply lip stain like a lip gloss! Doing so will leave heavy pigment on the lips, create lip paint bleed around your lip line, and cause excessive dryness on the lips.
  3. Remove any excessive lip stain from the applicator before applying the lip stain to the lip, followed by outlining the lip line carefully with the pointed tip of the applicator. Then, proceed with light, even applications, allowing each layer to dry completely between every application.
  4. After you reach the desired color, blot the lips with a tissue to remove excess pigment from the lips, completely drying the area. Test for transfer with a tissue.
  5. For extra assurance, apply Pretty Girl Cosmetics Lip Seal before applying your lip gloss for complete protection.

Accomplish a true lip stain by purchasing a water-based formula that adds an extra stain coat to the lips without heavy pigments or glosses. By doing so, the additional stain coat will soak into the lips, adding a hint of color to its original color stain. Although the lip stains pigment is much lighter, there will be much less risk of transferring a lip stain once it absorbs completely into the lips. Another way of achieving your desired color is by applying several more coats of stain layered one after the other. Once the color is as hoped, blot and apply a gloss using the same process as the lip paint.

Always use our Lip Seal with your favorite lipstick or lip product for guaranteed smudge-proof protection.

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