Cheer Makeup and Dance Makeup


Create a Custom Team Makeup Kit

Whether you need makeup for a cheer competition, dance recital, musical, or stage performance having the proper Cheer and Dance Makeup is just as important as having the proper uniform, costume, set, stage props and choreography.  More importantly, having a consistent makeup application creates a unified look.  Create a team makeup kit with custom products packed in a makeup bag for each performer.

What Team Makeup to Buy

Not all makeup brands are made for stage. When you’re deciding on what products go into your Cheer or Dance Makeup Bag, you’ll want to choose highly pigmented eye shadow colors that will last long during long performances when you don’t have time to touch up.  Always apply a waterproof eye shadow primer prior to applying eye shadow for a smudge proof long lasting makeup application.

Essentials for your Dance Makeup Bag:

  • Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer
  • Long Lasting Lip Paint
  • Eye Shadows and Eye Liner
  • Dual End Makeup Brush for blending
  • LASHES! You cannot forget lashes.. When you’re on stage you want your eyes to be seen, lashes bring out the shape and expression in your face.
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