Stik It Glue
Use Stik It Glue to prime your eyelid for smooth, long-lasting, and crease-proof glitter or eye shadow application. This water-based liquid glitter glue formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear, increases eye color longevity, and creates a lasting...
Prime Time Eye Primer
Prime Time Eye Primer uncovers the secret to vivid, crease-resistant, waterproof, sweatproof, vibrant, long-lasting eye makeup. Applying Prime Time Eye Primer is the most important step before applying your eye shadow. Prime Time Eye Primer acts like a magnet attracting...
ILine Eye Shadow
ILine Sealer turns any loose shimmers or glitter into a long-lasting wet eyeliner or cream eye shadow. [custom tab] Add a few drops to any loose product and mix to make a paste. Apply using a brush or tap onto...
Hold-Up Premium Body Glue
Designed for extended periods of high activity and sweating. Hold Up Premium supplies a stronghold plus the benefit of moisture resistance. BENEFITS: Supplies a firm hold during high activity Gentle hypo-allergenic formula Comfortable & moves with your skin Painless removal...
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