How-To Apply Loose Shimmer Eye Shadow

Create a perfect smokey eye for cheer and dance competition using shimmer eye shadows, great cheer makeup and dance makeup alternative.
Create a smokey eye with shimmer eye shadows is a perfect alternative to glitter eye makeup. Not all parents can apply glitter eye makeup correctly. The perfect alternative to glitter eye makeup is to use mineral shimmer eye shadows which come in a range of colors. Mineral shimmer eye shadows are made from pure minerals and do not include hash chemicals such as preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrances. Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup based on the fact that these left out ingredients are possible skin irritants.
Mineral eye shimmers are easy to apply. Start with clean dry face. Apply your foundation and eye primer before applying your eye shimmer. Using an eye primer will provide long wear, eliminate creasing and improve the intensity of the mineral shimmer color.
You can also use the Pretty Girl I-Line to turn your mineral shimmer eye shadows into liquid eyeliner by mixing your favorite shimmer color with a few drops of I-Line. Apply just like you would a liquid eye liner.
If you are applying two colors, the darker color should be on your eye lid and the lighter color should extend from your crease to your eyebrow. Gently load a small eye shadow brush with the shimmer eye shadow that you will be using. Blow lightly on the brush to remove any excess powder that may be on the brush.
Start from the inside corner of your eye near your tear duct and apply the darker shimmer to the outer corner of your eye. Close your eye so that shimmer will not fall into your eye during application. You can use a strip of scotch tape under your eye for easy cleanup or to form a wing.
Clean the eye shadow brush of the dark color before you load the brush with the lighter color. Using the same technique as above, apply the lighter color from the crease to the brow. Blend to avoid harsh lines.
Apply your black eyeliner to the lower eyelid and black mascara for a dramatic effect. If you prefer, you can apply false eyelashes but this must be done before you apply your eye shimmer. Finish off your makeup with your favorite lipstick and blush.

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